WineZooloo provides luxury transportation for outstanding wine tours Napa Valley and Sonoma wine tourists love! Plus, we do it a great price. What could be better? How about a sommelier as a guide? Nice!

We started WineZooloo with one person in mind: you.

A wourist is a wine tourist. Before we started WineZooloo, we were wourists, too. We still are. It’s just now we’re giving the tours instead of taking them. We work hard to give the wine tours Sonoma wourists come back for. Again. And again!

To be honest, it’s almost as much fun because we get to do what we love and meet a lot of great wourists. We hope to meet you soon!


Lovely couple on a WineZooloo wine tour

Wine tourism: what a lifestyle!

We know that wine tourism is a bit of an addiction. It’s the perfect combination: a weekend getaway to an amazing part of the world while drinking fine wines and eating the whole time. What’s not to love? It’s perfect!

At WineZooloo we want to make your experience as enjoyable as possible. Not only do we take care of the driving and all fees, we also introduce you to some of the most secretive, hard to access wineries and get you in front of the actual winemakers.

You will not only leave your trip enthralled with your wine tourism, you will have added to your knowledge about Napa Valley or Sonoma wines to a considerable degree.

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