WineZooloo operates fabulous wine tours – wine tours Napa and Sonoma visitors rave about! How do we do it? We used to be wine tourists just like you!

“5 stars! An awesome time!”

A unique wine tour company with Sommeliers as guides. The Napa and Sonoma wine region. What could be better? How about joining us for a wine tour!

If you entered “Wine Tours Napa” or “Wine Tours Sonoma” into a search engine, you’ve come to the right place. We are the only wine tour company owned and operated by true Sommeliers. Book today!

We Were Once Wine Tourists Just Like You. And Oh! How We Envy You.

We spent years perfecting the perfect wine tour. And you know what? We finally did it.

If you are up for an awesome day of wine tasting give us a call. We can honestly say we offer wine tours of Napa and Sonoma that visitors will love. We have been to literally hundreds of wineries, and we know the formula that creates an amazing tour experience.

We understand exactly how much fun it it is to be transported from amazing winery to amazing winery, enjoying the finest wines (and wine personalities) in this famous region. Not much in life is better than enjoying the breathtaking scenery of Napa Valley and Sonoma. Are we right?

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But the reason we started WineZooloo was because we knew we could do better than the other tour companies. Much better.

And we do it for the same price you’d pay for a normal wine tour. What’s not to love? Call us now and reserve your booking.

We offer wine tours in both Napa Valley and Sonoma.

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Question: Where can you find Sommeliers to take you on a fantastic tour of Napa or Sonoma?

Answer: WineZooloo!

How can we offer luxury service that guarantees you a Sommelier guiding your tour for the same price you’d pay for a regular car service?

Easy. We are not a huge company with large overhead. We are Sommeliers with passion for what we do and strong desire to create a better tour experience. We are trying to create a sustainable, educational and immensely enjoyable tour experience – we are not a large tour bus company.

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Sommelier-Guided Wine Tours of Napa and Sonoma Visitors Rave About

If you are like us, you love wine. And you love to explore this amazing wine region of the world.

We’ve built our company to provide the best of what people want: knowledgeable local guides, great itineraries and hidden gem wineries.

Enjoy the insiders experience of the Napa Valley and Sonoma wine region. How fun is that? Fun!

Did we mention WineZooloo is operated by sommeliers?

If your goal is to learn a lot about local wineries, take in the scenery and have every detail looked after so you can focus on the experience, WineZooloo is perfect for you.

You will be able to enjoy the remarkable wine tour experience we deliver throughout Napa Valley and Sonoma. We want to ensure you have an experience you will remember with great pleasure!

We aim to deliver the best wine tour experience for wine tourists interested in Napa Valley and Sonoma. We take pride in being able to offer exceptional service at a great price because we want you and you friends and family coming back again and again. Our business is built on referrals and that is our key to success. There is so much to explore! Contact us for availability.

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WineZooloo specializes in custom wine tours created by our seasoned Sommeliers. As locals, former and current hotel and restaurant winebuyers we have deep connections with the local wineries and winemakers.

You will experience first-hand why we have become known as the go-to company for wine tours in Napa Valley and Sonoma that locals and concierges working at the top hotels recommend.

As certified Sommeliers, we have served as Wine Directors for top restaurants in London, Las Vegas and Sonoma.

With deep familiarity with the terroir and personalities of Napa Valley and Sonoma, you  won’t find a wine tour operator that knows the local wines and wineries better than WineZooloo.

We have learned first-hand over many years what it takes to create a great wine tour, so we will work hard to make sure your tour is one you won’t soon forget.

Our close contacts with wineries throughout Napa, Sonoma and the world make a huge difference when planning and delivering your perfect wine tour experience.

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We start out by discovering our guest’s wine preferences and design tours based on that criteria.

We will match your preferences with our knowledge of the wineries in Napa Valley and Sonoma. We believe that a great wine tour is not just based on great wine. We work principally with appoint-only wineries. Why? They offer an experience that is much more enjoyeable than a commercial winery. Commercial wineries see hundreds of guests a day often in standing only tasting rooms where you jostle to get the attention of the winery hosts, you may as well be at a busy wine bar. Usually they also produce tens of thousands of cases, as a general rule Sommeliers believe that the more wine you produce the lower the quality. We believe that smaller appointment-only boutique wineries offer much more. They are focused on low production, high quality wines and see only a few guests each day. They build their wineries one customer at a time and rely on current customer referrals to build a mailing list of dedicated customers. We go one step further and find the best of the boutique small wineries that can create an experience. Our criteria is to utilize the wineries that have:

  1. Great wines;
  2. Great natural scenery;
  3. Wineries that are exceptionally designed or deliver a remarkable experience either through hidden caves, food and wine pairings, or other special features; and
  4. Winery hosts who are passionate, knowledgeable and eager to share their knowledge with you and your group.

Naturally, your Sommelier Guide will not only transport you in luxury to the winery, but will provide you with local insights and take care of all your needs throughout the day.

Why book a private Sommelier lead tour? 

We offer many benefits to the standard alternatives.

Q: Why don’t we just drive ourselves?

A: Going to several wineries and doing even small tastings will affect your ability to drive, especially on small unfamiliar roads. Not to mention, where do you go wine tasting? Often your favorite nationally branded wine may have great wine but does not offer the best winery experience.

Q: Why don’t we just use Uber or Lyft?

A: The service in most of Napa and Sonoma is spotty at best. Drivers are not wine professionals and are often from outside the area and don’t know where the best wineries are and they won’t wait wait for you while you do go on tour. This area is rural with many dead cell phone areas, you may get them to drop you off at a winery but if you have no cell phone reception you will not be able to get them to pick you up.

Q: How about a traditional limousine service?

A: That is fine if you are going to your prom. Do you really want someone in a black suit on a scorching hot day taking you to a massive commercial winery? Once again these drivers are often from outside of the area and do not know wine. Some tour companies are beholden to a few wineries that provide them with kickbacks. If you want to go to the best wineries, want information about the area and the best places to go to eat after your tour – stick with the professionals. We treat our guests like we would treat our friends from out of town, with respect and with pride. Showing them the best that this beautiful area offers.

Q: Aren’t you more expensive than a traditional limousine service?

A: We are priced around the same as most limousine companies. But, we don’t see them as competitors. We offer so much more. Each tour is lead by a local Sommelier Guide. We make custom made itineraries based on our guest’s desires using wineries we believe are truly the best in the area, from our experience as wine professionals and locals. We have pride in our wine knowledge, a great love of this area and what we do, and most importantly we have a sincere desire to make your experience great!

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Our typical day starts by us picking you up at your hotel

We then set off on your wine country adventure. Most tours will include 3-4 private wineries with a stop for lunch.

Contact us today to have a Sommelier Guide create a unique customized one-of-a-kind wine tour just for you and your guests.


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